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Every Entrepreneur at some point will enter the Digital Economy and, as you may have probably come to realize, it is a bit of a maze. And if you are not lucky enough to start off without a very good support platform, it is going to cost you tons of money and effort, which is why 95% throws in the towel (and the key to the most amazing experience ever…). Our mission is to provide you with a framework that will support and guide you through the maze, directly to your goals.

Welcome to the Future

This website was designed with all Entrepreneurs in mind; from the Newbie just starting out in the digital economy through to the seasoned Professional looking to augment his/her online arsenal of tools and products, the goal remains the same – To provide you with a tried and tested framework of coaching and projects (real online businesses).

You do not have to traverse the online world looking for the best products, tools and strategies, at great cost in time and money (like I did); these ‘projects’ have been researched and tested, and you can rest assured that the two most important aspects of any online business has been thoroughly explored;

  1. Risk, and
  2. Profitability

Risk has been minimized to the point where it is either non-existent or very low (meaning that every nickel or dime you put in, where necessary, is protected) and the revenue generating potential are nothing short of jaw-dropping.

This can only be achieved if;

  • The Companies are stable and have a proven track record of honesty, integrity and pro-active support
  • The Products are nothing short of miraculous, and here I mean exactly that; read on and be prepared to be amazed…
  • The Business Plans are generous and provide both active and passive revenue streams – ‘Active’ for getting us out of debt and to start living the laptop lifestyle, and ‘passive’ that will allow us to benefit from the two most valued assets of our wealth; Time and Freedom.

When I started my online journey, I was all by myself; there was no one to assist or coach me and I had to do everything myself. This was a very painful road; imagine you are an Accountant for 35 years and suddenly you have to become a Pilot – It is as traumatic as it is expensive, however, only once you have gone through the learning curve and experienced that first solo-flight can you really start to appreciate life and what was meant by “you will live life in abundance”… Once you are free from the shackles crafted by the systems of debt we have been brain-washed into since 1910 (when the “Creature from Jekyll Island” was conceived; the Federal Reserve) you will understand what it means to be really FREE!

A Business Blueprint

The idea of this portal was born out of the frustrations (and sometimes, panic) of traversing the online maze and the dire need to know how to identify and avoid the con-artists, rip-offs and fly-by-nighters that make up 85% of what we today call the digital economy. It was born out of sheer desperation and an attempt to make sense of the mountains of information and learning that you have to go through in order to even start to understand the bare basics of this mighty and exciting machine, called the internet. Go to the Business Blueprint page to get an understanding of the ingredients, or Key Performance Areas that are essential for a successful online business.

However, where do one start? It is all good and well to want to launch your own attack at the digital economy, where 60% of business currently happens, and growing exponentially, but no one ever tells you how to start, how to build a future proof foundation. A foundation that will enable you to grow horizontally (building and expanding your core competencies), as well as vertically (expanding into non-core competencies), without endless duplication and re-inventing the wheel.

Your Personal Brand Point-of-Presence

You start by creating a Personal Brand Point-of-Presence (Brand PoP). This is your key to unlocking anything and everything in the digital economy. Without it, you will be like a cork in the ocean; drifting endlessly, getting swept up by one current and the next until you are eventually flung onto the rocks, or landing softly on a beach, if you are in luck.

This portal will provide a collection of coaching courses and active businesses that you can leverage, even if you have never owned a business of your own before (but always dreamed to), with all the education, tools, systems and support structures already in place (tried and tested by yours truly and countless others); all it needs is a Driver, and that’s where you come in. “Earn while you Learn” is a good motto because most of us are motivated through reward, be it self enrichment, recognition or financial (or combination of all three).

Welcome to Your Future!

Let the Journey Begin

Over the past years I have scoured the web for the ideal ‘business framework’ that will enable me to not only do the traditional online and/or offline marketing stuff, but to also assist me in building a network and to continue expanding the business framework to my network with new, tried and tested revenue generating projects. The goal of this framework must be to assist my network to build their own businesses and networks without having to learn how to develop websites, etc. and to leverage existing (and future) projects to rapidly grow their own businesses.

The sad truth is that there is nothing out there that quite fit the bill as an integrated platform that provides training, tools and cash-flow projects, packaged into one holistic framework that can be duplicated for each member in the network, so I decided to develop it.

Introducing: TUFFDEc

The Ultimate Franchise Framework for the Digital Economy

Not only will it provide you with all the training, tools and tried and tested projects (these are individual businesses that you can use immediately to start generating your own revenue streams, while you learn), but the framework will enable you to also build your own network, within the very same framework. And so too for all members you introduce, if they so choose. Now you will be able to manage all your business resources in one framework. The TUFFDEc framework brings it all together;

Let Your Journey Begin!

The Basis

This business is LIVE and will provide a solid basis upon which to build all other projects (providing safety, stability, protection and longevity). It is an essential start to your online journey in that it provides the Perfect Opportunity for swapping your devaluing paper currency into real, 999.9 fine 24 Karat currency grade, transaction-friendly Gold bullion bars, in affordable, 1-, 2.5- and 5 gram weights, embedded in a durable, credit-card sized packaging, covered with hard-wearing UV protected laminate.

Project 1

Watch this space… Project 1 will be the most amazing cash-flow generating opportunity this century! We have started testing this project in 2017 and are very excited with the results thus far. However, we make 110% sure about the criteria that defines products and services in this space, and have done an initial inspection on generic criteria to establish risk, profitability and longevity. We continue our testing of this platform.

We anticipate that this project will launch in the first half of 2018, so keep an eye on this space.

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